Mentor of the Year

Mentor of the Year (slovenska različica)

The Young Academy of Slovenia is opening a call for the award “Mentor of the Year 2018”. For the ninth time, we will present the award to the best doctoral mentor. The selection procedure is based on the nominations sent out by current and former doctoral students.

You can nominate your mentor if you are a doctoral student and were first enrolled in 2016 or earlier, or you have already graduated and defended your PhD in 2016 or later.

Nominate your mentor

If you had/have a great experience with your mentor, nominate him or her for the award by clicking the button below and filling out the online form.

The deadline for the nomination is February 15, 2019.

Nomination form



The applications will be evaluated and ranked by a committee of 5 members, who are all also doctoral students or have recently graduated.

  • dr. Majda Pavlin (President of the Committee)
  • dr. Tadej Stepišnik Perdih
  • Ahac Meden
  • Zarja Muršič
  • Matja Zalar


Each application will be evaluated and ranked by at least two evaluators. The evaluators are all also doctoral students or have recently graduated.
The number of evaluators will depend on the number of received applications. The names will be known after the deadline for nominations and before the closing ceremony.

Previous events

The purpose of awarding the Mentor of the Year?

For the last two decades, we have been collecting good and bad practices of mentoring and anecdotes of Slovenian doctoral students and early career researchers. Since there is usually more discussion about the bad practices, we have decided to highlight the good ones. There are many mentors who take pride in their mentoring, are great at it, and deserve to be recognized for their contributions to nurturing early career researchers.

In the closing ceremony, we will declare the five finalists and present the award to the best Mentor of the Year 2017.

Finalists of the Mentor of the Year 2016

Previous Mentor of the Year awardees:

  • 2016 – prof. dr. Mario Poljak
  • 2015 – prof. dr. Barbara Simončič
  • 2014 – prof. dr. Marko Bajec
  • 2013 – prof. dr. Zdravko Kutnjak
  • 2012 – prof. dr. Boris Žemva
  • 2011 – prof. dr. Igor Muševič
  • 2010 – prof. dr. Domen Leštan
  • 2009 – prof. dr. Janko Kos

Consider nominating your mentor!